Hands in Service Response to Covid19

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Our clients are individuals under age 65 who never expected to need help with the most basic of needs. They are people who are living on meager incomes, often in substandard housing, experiencing chronic health issues. Our clients are often invisible to the majority of our community due to isolation and our opportunity is [...]

Food Security…. There’s no Reason

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"Food Security, there's no reason it should be an issue in our community, especially during the growing season!" Helen’s Acres & Okanagan Fruit Tree Project, work endlessly to provide nutritious, locally grown produce! We have the privilege to share with Hands in Service clients and help distribute their good works to Gordon Place Recovery House, [...]

Best of Kelowna Voting Round!

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Could you lend us a hand again?👋 by voting Hands in Service in the Local Charity category? Thank YOU for your support & nominating us into the voting round! 🙏 Top 3! Let’s GO! #LoveGivesBack #BestofKelowna #YLW Click link below 👇👇👇 https://bestof.kelownanow.com/votes

Living Salads Lettuce Wraps!

By | June 18th, 2020|Living Salads Blog|

Lettuce Wraps - some fun with Living Salad greens! Washing your harvested lettuce is simple and here are a few tips to store your fresh leaves in your fridge. After washing your lettuce leaves, drying them is important. If you have a salad spinner, use it to get most of the water off before placing [...]

More About Lettuce & Ideas for salad dressing!

By | June 18th, 2020|Living Salads Blog|

Depending on the type of lettuce and your preference, many different salads could be made and savoured. You may favour a certain style salad and make your own dressing or use one from a purchased bottle. If you have never tried to make your own salad dressing you may be surprised at how easy it [...]

Are you looking to REAP more than you SOW? Living Salads Harvesting tips below!*

By | June 16th, 2020|Living Salads Blog|

The goal of good harvesting is to maximize your crop yield and minimize any crop losses & quality deterioration. *Tips & Pics: Steve Albert @ https://harvesttotable.com/   SWISS CHARD HOW TO HARVEST CHARD Harvest Swiss chard as close to mealtime as possible for the best flavor. Cut chard with garden scissors or serrated bread knife. Cut [...]

Care Instructions: Living Salads

By | May 8th, 2020|Living Salads Blog|

LIVING SALAD CARE INSTRUCTIONS The living salads contain plants that flourish in outdoor environments.  For best results, place on deck or balcony. Please ensure proper drainage for planter, as plants won’t do well if sitting in water. Check our Living Salads Blog: Additional tips for growing and using your produce. RECIPES included! Chives are seeded [...]

Hands in Soil: What if isolation was normal?

By | May 7th, 2020|Living Salads Blog|

Self-isolation, quarantine, shelter-in-place, social distancing …all different versions of measures that people all over the world are experiencing. Many people around the world are finding creative and enthusiastic ways to deal with the "new normal": working from home, spending time with their family and even upping their gardening-game. However, we cannot forget the population of [...]

Living Salads 2020 – Thank you!

By | May 6th, 2020|Living Salads Blog|

Thanks to all you Volunteers, Drivers & Partners!🚗🤝 Over 2200 plants were assembled and delivered into 325 Living Salads – the Portable Community Garden🌱🍅 This amazing community project would not be possible without the help of fantastic sponsors, partners and volunteers! 235 SD23 Students, families and 90 health challenged individuals were blessed by [...]

‘Flatten the Curve’! Double the Impact!

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Hands in Service is concerned for the safety of all clients, staff, and volunteers, as we respond to the coronavirus. We want to be responsible and wise in responding to this public health crisis that changes daily. We want to do our part to slow the spread of the disease and to prevent overloading our [...]

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