Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

Hands in Service is pleased to announce the launch of our accessible Mobile Dental Hygiene Clinic. This is the beginning of a community dental program to provide service for those whose finances prevent them from accessing regular dental hygiene care.

From our Dental RV, fully licensed dental hygiene practitioners who are dedicated to increasing overall health provide the following dental hygiene services:

Dental Hygiene Exam
Oral Health Education

Basic Eligibility:

1) Low income

  • Source of funds for all household income required (E.I., Social Assist., Disability, Pension, Student Loans, pay stub)

2) Current BC regulations require that patients must have seen a dentist in the 365 days prior to service and provide evidence.

  • This regulation is in the process of elimination so please check back in the new year if this requirement currently makes you ineligible.

3) No access to dental coverage other than that provided by Provincial Government for low income individuals such as PWD.

4) ID (SIN#, BC Care Card, BCID or Driver’s License, Student ID)

5) Proof of residency (rent receipts, utility bills, etc.)

6) Must not be eligible for Healthy Kids program.

Due to extremely high demand, it may take several weeks to receive a response.


Hands in Service contracts Go Dental Hygiene Corporation to provide services.


Mobile Dental Hygiene Inquiry

  • NA if not applicable
  • Please type your first & last name with today's date as an electronic signature.
  • Hands in Service contracts Dental Hygiene Corporation to provide services.