Our Clients

Our Clients

Those in our community who have lost dignity; have lost hope. Learn More…

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Our Volunteers

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Our Team

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Social consciousness is a phrase that we are all familiar with and it’s at the top of most of our minds. There are pictures of sponsor children stuck to our fridges, teams of students that build houses for the homeless during spring break and countless other opportunities that we could be getting involved in. But changing the world is big and daunting. We want to help in a big way but where do we start?

Do we give money?

How about volunteering time?

Where should we go and help?   Time and money are both valuable commodities these days but what if you could change someone’s world in just one hour a week?

Living in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, we often overlook the social difficulties right on our front step. The truth is, there are people in our community who are broken and hurting. They are tired and weary; unable to perform the tasks that we take for granted. They are hungry. They are lonely. They feel abandoned as though the “system” has failed them. They have no one to call on, no place to be heard. They may be your friend, or just an acquaintance. They may live across town or just down the street. They are sisters and brothers; mothers and fathers; sons and daughters.

Our mission is to provide free, compassionate and relational, non-medical home care, referral services and food security assistance through individuals, groups, businesses, and churches to vulnerable clients struggling with disability, financial and social limitations. Whether it’s delivering a food hamper, preparing a meal, or vacuuming the carpet, volunteering is easy. It’s flexible and requires little time commitment. Yet, even the simplest tasks can provide a life (with) dignity that was otherwise destined for anonymity and insignificance. A life can be moved from despair and pain, to one of hope with a fulfilling future. We often don’t realize how much even a brief moment together means to someone who is isolated, hurting and alone.

This is an opportunity to give from our abundance; to transform the life of someone who is worthy of love in the same way you are. And once you give love back through Hands In Service, you will find that the love that you have will be forever changed. It will be broader and deeper because we are made to give it.

Hands in Service is a faith-based organization.  While as Christians, we approach serving as a love response to God, we recognize that not all our volunteers will have the same relationship with God.  It is our desire to work with anyone who wants to help us make a difference.  What we ask is that in a volunteer capacity and while representing Hands in Service, there is recognition and honor of the faith statement.  Volunteers are asked not to present or act from any alternate faith position and to conduct themselves with integrity and wholesome behavior and language for the edification of all concerned.

Prayer requests are taken and prayed for confidentially. You may contact us at 250.861.5465 or email us at prayer@handsinservice.ca.

Hands in Service Statement of Faith

From scripture we believe:

“There is only one sovereign God who manifests as three – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – or Trinity.  He is infinite and eternal, He has always been God and He is the Creator of everything that exists.

All people are guilty of wrong acts and thoughts.  This nature separates humans from God’s holiness but not from His love!

Jesus is fully God and fully man.  He was conceived by the virgin Mary and lived a perfect life.   Because of His love for us, Jesus Christ became our representative and substitute, dying as the payment for our wrong actions and thoughts and was physically raised from the dead after three days.

Those who choose to enter into relationship with Jesus Christ as sovereign over their lives and accept His death in their place receive forgiveness and restored relationship to God the Father and will live with Him forever.”