Our clients are individuals under age 65 who never expected to need help with the most basic of needs. They are people who are living on meager incomes, often in substandard housing, experiencing chronic health issues. Our clients are often invisible to the majority of our community due to isolation and our opportunity is to bring compassion and love into their space so they might grasp hope for another day.

When our “normal” shut down many of our service options, we sought out other ways to reach our clients and meet needs. Recognizing that the isolation of the pandemic was a threat to our community’s health, we prayed for options to continue our work. The answer was something that surprised us all!

Through a network of communication involving social media contacts, as well as established relationships, HIS was able to see through the fog of the pandemic chaos and find a path to authentic client & volunteer connection!

In May 2020 we partnered with Helen’s Acres and Okanagan Fruit Tree Project to begin fresh produce deliveries to our clients. This new food distribution to our clients was gratefully received and though the produce was beautiful and chemical free, it wasn’t the only benefit…in a time of social isolation and heightened anxiety, the weekly produce deliveries allowed for safe physically distanced connections which enhanced the mental, emotional and financial stability of all involved!

Help Hands in Service – Help people in need!