The living salads contain plants that flourish in outdoor environments.  For best results, place on deck or balcony.

Please ensure proper drainage for planter, as plants won’t do well if sitting in water.

Check our Living Salads Blog: Additional tips for growing and using your produce.

RECIPES included!

Chives are seeded this year and their location is marked by a labeled stick. 

Small shoots will appear in a few weeks.  Enjoy watching them grow!

  • Water to keep the soil damp (try not to over-water)
    *helpful hint: place a finger into soil, to the second knuckle, if dry at that level, water well.  On hottest summer days, planter may need daily watering.
  • Swiss chard can be harvested when it is about 8” tall and can be cut to 1” from the base
  • Lettuce can be harvested when light to dark green in colour (always leave a few leaves to keep it growing)

Parsley and chives are capable of overwintering, water planter until snow falls and see what comes up in the Spring!